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Think back to childhood days when you watched airplanes take-off and land. Or when you went to an airport to meet family or friends and immediately became intrigued with the inner workings of airline.

Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be part of such an exciting environment? We’d love to be part of your journey to finding out, so consider joining our airports team.

There’s something electrifying about working in an airport. Maybe it’s the hustle and bustle of airplanes and people in constant motion or maybe it’s because no two days are ever alike.

Whatever the reason, a job in Airports is an exciting career choice, and it’s great stepping stone to many other opportunities. As a frontline employee, you’ll put your dedication to safety and excellent customer service skills to use and learn the ins and outs of the airline business along the way.

Many employees started their Air Canada careers at an airport where their knowledge base and experience allowed them to work their way to senior management positions - even to the top like Al Read.

Al began his career on the ramp in Toronto as a Station Attendant, then progressed through various management roles along his career path. Today he is Vice President, Airports – North America.

“My experience as a Station Attendant has served me well through the years and I draw upon it to this day,” said Al.

So start your career now and make Airports the gateway to a world of possibilities at Air Canada. With every position you hold, safety will always be the foundation for all you do and customer service excellence will be at the forefront.

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