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Manager, Corporate Safety - Flight Operations - 30462

Location: TORONTO, ON, Canada
Posting Start Date: Aug 26, 2022
Posting End Date: Aug 28, 2022


Job Description


Being part of Air Canada is to become part of an iconic Canadian symbol, recently ranked the best Airline in North America. Let your career take flight by joining our diverse and vibrant team at the leading edge of passenger aviation.
Scope of Job/Position:

Reporting to the Senior Manager, Corporate Safety Operational Safety, the Manager, Corporate Safety - Flight Operations works as part of an integrated team of branch safety experts to oversee the Flight Safety Program at Air Canada.  An experienced pilot or maintenance engineer, the Manager, Corporate Safety - Flight Operations manages the review and investigation of safety issues and events as reported from the day-to-day flight operation. They will conduct the required assessment or investigation, research technical data and publications, coordinate directly with the crews and liaise with the respective Chief Pilot and Flight Operations team to secure a proper response to any reported event.  Through his / her actions, this manager will offer unique insights, guidance, initiative and leadership to ensure the highest measures of safety, consistency and professionalism are maintained.  The Manager, Corporate Safety - Flight Operations will both oversee and support the day-to-day processing, investigation and follow-up of Air Safety Reports and associated data within the branch. The incumbent will ensure the proper handling and processing of Air Safety Reports, Safety Information Management System Reports, Category Reports, Regulatory reports and the completion of other documentation, as appropriate, concerning the Air Canada Safety Program. The Manager, Corporate Safety - Flight Operations will ensure appropriate follow-up is completed with Pilots and Flight Operations Staff, as appropriate, to capture the full nature of any safety event and to ensure appropriate actions are both taken and completed to resolve any issues.  
The Manager, Corporate Safety - Flight Operations will serve as the Branch expert on operational Flight Operations safety matters and will play a leadership role with appropriate responsibilities regarding coordination of Cabin Safety, Airport and Maintenance events as relevant to the Flight Operations Branch. The incumbent directly supports the Senior Director Corporate Safety & Investigations and serves as a technical expert concerning the Company LOSA Program to assist in the identification and mitigation of threats and hazards within the Branch.  The Manager, Corporate Safety - Flight Operations will support and assist the Senior Manager, Corporate Safety Investigations and the Senior Manager, Flight Data Services concerning the investigation, analysis and examination of specific flight operations events, protocols, procedures and operational concerns.  The incumbent will oversee flight safety meetings, will serve as the CSEQ representative to Safety Roundtables, where appropriate, and will interact with the Pilots and ACPA to advance safety.  
The incumbent will coordinate directly with the Corporate Safety Team regarding SIMS and all CSEQ safety practices and protocols They will offer insights into Flight Operations practices and ensure actual and proposed Flight Operations Safety policies, procedures and actions, along with the identification of threats, adverse trends, risks, hazards and best practices, are properly captured and documented in order to ensure the continuous improvement of the Air Canada SMS.    
Job Description:
  • Manages and directs actions concerning all Flight Operations safety reports with the CSEQ safety Staff to identify specific files and issues needing in-depth research and actions. Review, enhance and continuously improve the process to receive, validate, process, investigate, review and finalize flight safety reports, observations and hazard submissions.
  • Manages the ASR workflows and ensures direct appropriate follow-up with Pilots, Managers and staff, as appropriate, to fully understand safety issues, to understand concerns raised by the staff and, once completed, ensures pilots and staff are fully appraised of the CSEQ findings and further actions, as required. 
  • Establish appropriate links and support structures within Flight Operations in order to properly prosecute safety issues.  Secure a seat at Fleet, Training and Standards meetings, as appropriate, and participate in the Flight Operations SYNC Committee when appropriate.
  • Direct, manage and lead all activities to identify, analyze, and investigate flight 
  • safety hazards and latent risks.  Support the Flight Operations Manager and Corporate Safety Senior Manager Investigations in the review of Industry accidents and internal events alike.
  • Track and monitor actions, mitigations and risks associated with Flight Operations events and report on the effectiveness of mitigations where appropriate. Assist the Senior Manager, Corporate Safety Investigations in reviewing past accident events and validating the effectiveness of Flight Operations corrective actions. 
  • Provide regular reports to Flight Operations, as requested, regarding Flight Operations safety issues, trends and reports. Provide formal safety presentations to Chief Pilots and Fleet Managers and assist in the development of scripts and training scenarios where tasked.  Support the CSEQ MD Safety and Security in Fleet Safety Meetings and ensure topical issues are developed, prepared and presented for Flight Operation input and direction.  Monitor and track corrective actions and mitigation effectiveness for safety events.  
  • Support Pilots at the Toronto Base by establishing and manning, on a shared basis, a flight safety office to permit pilots to have an opportunity to better interface with CSEQ and to ensure their safety concerns, voices and issues are heard.  
  • Provide investigative support to the Senior Manager, Corporate Safety Investigations regarding flight safety hazards.
  • When requested by the Senior Manager, Corporate Safety Investigations, provide Investigative Support to the Corporation in the event of an incident or accident as per the Emergency Response Manual (Publication 400).  Emergency Response is based on a 24 hour, 7 day a week response capability provided on a call out basis and provides independent investigative services in addition to liaison with appropriate national investigative authorities. 
  • Serve as a member of the safety-on-call group and perform on-call duties on a rotational basis.
  • Serve as a member of the Emergency Response Team as directed.
  • Perform other tasks as required by the Senior Manager Operational Safety.


  • Minimum High School Leaving Certificate, College or University degree is preferred. Incumbent must have formal accredited training in one, ideally more of the following areas:  Formal Accident Investigation Training and certification; Human Factors Training; Risk Training and proven experience; or, formal training in Quality Management, including ISOA Auditor training.  Formal Management Training is an asset.
License(s) attestation(s), certification(s), association(s) required:  
  • Should hold or have held an aviation commercial Pilot License (CPL), an AME License or have appropriate military training and experience.
  • Extensive cockpit experience as well as experience as a Flight Operations or Aircraft Technical Operations Manager are desirable elements.  Accreditation in Accident Investigation and/or Risk Management and/or Quality Auditing and Quality Management (ASQ, CQMgr, CQA, CQE, CQT) or equivalent (e.g., TC auditor, Air Canada Auditor, IOSA Auditor or Evaluator) is required. Knowledge and familiarity with AQD or similar software is essential.
Linguistic requirements
  • Level 4 - English.
  • Level 2 - French is desired; Level 3 - Bilingual is preferred
  • Depth of skills and expertise required for the position
  • Level 5- Have or have held a previous senior Manager, Chief Pilot, Flight Safety or Senior Operations position within an equivalent Canadian Air Operation is required.
  • Aviation experience shall include in depth knowledge of daily airline/airport operating procedures and interdependence. In depth expertise (5 years of experience) within
  • Part 705 Canadian Air Operator and qualified Fleet Management and/or Flight Safety training.
  • In depth knowledge of Transport Canada regulations and standards.
  • Similar foreign regulatory agency regulations and requirements (e.g., FARs, EASA-Ops) understanding and exposure is required.
  • Knowledge of International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Standards, Recommended Practices and Applicable Annexes is required.
  • Knowledge of International Air Transport Association (IATA) Safety Practices, Operational Investigative Techniques and approved practices is desired.
  • Knowledge of Air Canada Corporate, technical, policy and standard operating procedures must be achieved in short order.
  • Knowledge of Star Alliance, their safety practices and Best Practices is desired.
  • Level 5- At least 3 years operational experience as a senior Flight Operations manager and as a safety professional with a Part 704 or Part 705 carrier or equivalent.  Must have experience in dealing with all the operational departments that are included in daily airline operations including the governance policies of AC products and services. A broad scope of skills and expertise of AC products and services, an ability to propose or recommend multiple types of solutions to complex issues and the skills to develop comprehensive written materials is required.
Range of business/industry knowledge for the position:
  • Level 4- Requires a broad knowledge of domestic and international aviation management and safety techniques to propose multiple types of solutions and recommendations to complex issues to Senior and Executive management, and to discuss with both Transport Canada and Transportation Safety Board Managers and staff. In depth knowledge of procedures, both national and international within the applicable flight regimes operated by Air Canada flight crews including internationally accepted best practices for the aircraft fleets flown.
  • Requires a solid understanding of aircraft procedures and standard operating procedures for all Air Canada aircraft fleets.
  • In depth knowledge of Canadian Aviation Regulations (Parts 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 and associated Commercial Air Services Standards), ISO, IOSA, ICAO Annexes, FARs, Star Alliance Best Practices and EASA - Ops.
  • Level 5- This position is required to meet CAR SMS, reporting, supervision and investigative requirements and standards required for corporate insurance requirements. Individual is on 24/7 call out status.  Satisfies IOSA, iSMS, EASA - Ops and FAA Codeshare requirements.
  • Level 5- Combination of operational background in several areas, particularly flight operations, a critical ability to present recommendations and communicate effectively both orally and in all written correspondence, and an overriding professional and personal credibility make this position difficult to find and retain due to Industry shortfalls, pay scales and opportunities.  The combination of operational background in several domains and Investigations / Risk / Auditing / Quality Services skills and expertise are difficult to find.
  • May be directed to act as the Senior Manager, Corporate Operational Safety in the absence of the incumbent.
  • Acting appointments are normally assigned via direct task and internal notification, adjustment of duty rosters and/or via internal memorandum. Assignment may also be directed via e-mail or alternate means (ACARS) when operational circumstances so dictate. Delegation will be in accordance with the Safety Management Manual.
Conditions of Employment:
  • Candidates must be eligible to work in the country of interest, at the time any offer of employment is made and seeking any required work permits/visas or other authorizations which may be required is the sole responsibility of the candidates applying for this position.
Linguistic Requirements

Based on equal qualifications, preference will be given to bilingual candidates. 

Diversity and Inclusion
Air Canada is strongly committed to Diversity and Inclusion and aims to create a healthy, accessible and rewarding work environment which highlights employees’ unique contributions to our company’s success.
As an equal opportunity employer, we welcome applications from all to help us build a diverse workforce which reflects the diversity of our customers, and communities, in which we live and serve.

Air Canada thanks all candidates for their interest; however only those selected to continue in the process will be contacted.